About Us

Hi, there! We’re Andy and Lauren, a fun, quirky pair of photographers. Our work is inspired by the life that’s happening all around us. There is so much beauty and art to be found in everyday moments that we can’t imagine taking posed portraits. We’re documentary photographers with a strong bent towards fine art and we’re super passionate about the photos we take. We want them to be breathtakingly beautiful and unique pieces of art that are brimming with life and love.

We believe in creativity and artistic vision over traditional bride and groom altar photos. We believe in real life and individuality over stiff, awkward poses. And, we believe in client relationships that feel more like friendships than business contacts.

We’ve known each other since second grade, but we really only began to tolerate one another in high school. Now we’re married!  :)  We love peanut butter milkshakes, rollerblading with our dog, playing cards with our grandma, our new bundle of joy—and—taking photos.

We also love getting to know people—it’s definitely a perk of the job! If you’re interested in working with us, let’s sit down over coffee or ice cream and share some stories.