Jan 26, 2016
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I’ve been struggling to come up with words for this post. And I really mean that. It has been a work in progress for the past three weeks. Every time I sit down to work on it I get a little breathless and full of all sorts of emotion. I’ve been trying to boil down those feelings, to condense them into some sort of intelligible sentences, but I just keep coming up short. Being a wedding photographer is kind of like quilt making, I’d imagine. Each wedding, each photo, is like one square of fabric that on its own is uniquely beautiful, but stitched together with hundreds of others, the photos build one breathtaking quilt that so powerfully displays life and love and the amazing reality of some of the best things about being human that it hits you so squarely in the face that you’re left without words. That has been my experience the past couple of weeks as I’ve sifted through thousands of photos. 2015 was one of the hardest years for me. Trying to pave my path as a new momma, who many times felt like she had two left feet, while still trying desperately to hold on to my passion for photography was more challenging than I ever could have imagined. There were days when I just wasn’t sure I was cut out to be both. And so, for the past three weeks I’ve been thankful. I’m thankful for perseverance and endurance. I’m thankful for grandmas and grandpas and last-minute babysitters. I’m thankful for a husband who lugs gear, who shuffles schedules, who keeps me sane, and who wears a bow-tie because I think it’s cute. I’m thankful for light and life and love.  I’m thankful for our clients who invite us into their lives, who share their happy days with us, who let us photograph their unscripted moments, who let us live life beside them. It’s a gift—a gift I don’t always see in the moment, but a gift that speaks volumes to my heart when I stop and look. Thank you.